Computers and Yoga Ayurveda

With combining Bondi Yoga Therapy and Computer Coach Australia – computers and yoga Ayurveda – anything is possible. Recent research shows sitting for prolonged periods is the new cancer. Combine sitting and the computer in artificial lighting and air conditioning and you are damaging your health and wellbeing. It is far better to learn to use your computer, body and mind in a healthy way.

An Important Message

This message is important for you and those you care about to read. Why am I sending you this? Because I care about people and that is why I do the work I do. I want you to know how computers and yoga Ayurveda compliment each other. They provide tools that will help improve the quality of your life in this digital world. 

So get yourself a nice cup of herbal tea or, better yet, a warm glass of water and settle in to read this gift for you. I understand most of us feel like we are time poor. But we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Many in today’s world feel stressed and tired. Here is a direction that will save you time, give you energy and provide tools you can easily integrate into your life. You will then enjoy your life in health and learn how computers and yoga Ayurveda go hand in hand.

learn how Computers and Yoga Ayurveda go hand in hand to improve your life with computer coach australia and bondi yoga therapy

Computers and Yoga Ayurveda

Dangers of Modern Living

Mum used to say that all the wealth in the world can’t buy health and we do need to take responsibility for this vehicle our body, that gets us through life. Modern-day expectations are for us to consume. To have us plugged into a phone, computer or TV. We are fed to sit down and passively ingest. We do it in a gluttonous and unconscious way – via our senses.

Take Care of Your Body

Before the TV show has even ended, there are ads hooking us into what is on next. Advertising is everywhere we look, whether online or just walking down the street. They encourage us to consume to make the economy grow so it will spin on an upward spiral, and so do we spin. Eventually, we fall down with stress or other health-related conditions and wonder how did that happen? Some we can conveniently blame on genetics. Others feel disconnected, they don’t realise we need to give ourselves some special service.

Take Care Of Your Soul

Just like we service our car or clean our home we need to do the same for our body and mind. But often people go to a doctor or alternative therapist hoping they will tell them what is wrong with them. They also often ask for something that will cure their ails.  And that is exactly what we need to do to keep economy spiralling upwards.  Soon, our news is all about our latest visit to the health professional. How small and introspective our lives can become on that path. Sound familiar?

How Computers and Yoga Ayurveda Go Together?

So what do computers and yoga ayurveda have in common? Zoe’s career started in the Computer Industry in the mid-1970s. She has seen many changes and just loves working with all types of technology. Most importantly, she is not afraid of using computers and learning new ways to do things. Zoe does not suffer from Logizomechanophobia (fear of computers). However, she has worked with many people who do fear technology. They get totally frustrated, waste way too much time trying to work out what they want to do. Furthermore, they ask the wrong people for help. We often think the kids know what they are doing. But if they did, then the people they help would feel better and not worse.

Zoe’s Background

Zoe trained in Information Technology, Teaching and Special needs at Macquarie University in the ’90s. She has worked as a teacher of computing most of this time with a huge array of people. Zoe left teaching in the early ’90s and started up an IT recruitment agency. After the birth of her second son Sam, she started teaching for TAFE. Zoe says she would not have been able to survive the electromagnetic fields and negative effects of working in a classroom. 16 computers blaring at her, inside an air-conditioned building. Without a solid practice in yoga, complimented by the sister science of life, Ayurveda, it wouldn’t have been possible. Zoe proves that computers and yoga ayurveda are the perfect combination for modern day life.

Zoe Does It All

Zoe is across both platforms, Apple and Microsoft, and is an Apple consultant who works with all types of people from business owners to students. Zoe has the rare innate ability to get on with the computer. This way, she can do she wants to get the job done and get off again.  She infuses empowerment, motivation and inspiration into her students. And it is not long before they have the confidence to show their technology who is the boss!

Bondi Yoga Therapy – Yoga and Computers

Zoe runs Bondi Yoga Therapy, a personalised yoga ayurveda retreat centre by the sea, for busy people where they can re-energise, reset and recalibrate their lives. Not only that, but they also learn about their body and mind through the 5,000-year-old practices of yoga and ayurveda. They learn how to take these techniques back into their busy lives. This helps to recognise when their body and mind are stressed. Most importantly, how to come back to a state of balance. Guests leave equipped with their personalised yoga ayurveda program and diet guidelines.

Ayurveda views each person as totally unique and not one thing will suit all people. We designed the program to fit into your daily life. Ayurveda provides knowledge of each individuals capabilities to digest life. Not only that but also an awareness of what you are ingesting through your 6 senses. This knowledge is invaluable on many levels. You can find out more about the retreat here

woman practicing yoga ayurveda next to her laptop

Computers and Yoga Ayurveda

Real-Life Wonderwoman

Zoe is also the founder of Computer Coach AustraliaShe runs two businesses because she can, and from this, she has the experiential knowledge to help busy people take back control of their health and manage their busy lives. Zoe is also a Board Member at Bondi Chamber of Commerce. There she constantly sees local entrepreneurs often lose their health and wellbeing inside their busy professional lives.

Why You Need Computer Skills

Today, without computer skills you are disadvantaged. Zoe was an IT teacher at TAFE for 20 years in the areas of Literacy – Special needs and Business. And yes, without computer literacy you are assessed as illiterate. Today, we often need to use the computer to do the simple things we used to be able to do with a phone call. I don’t know if you dread making a phone call these days, but we do! A lot of that personal customer service has gone “offshore”. Now, we are speaking with people who are reading off a standard script of responses. It is virtually impossible to escalate the call to solve anything or to speak with a decision maker. Each call can take up to 30 minutes at best or go on for hours. They encourage us to go “online” to sort out our problems.

However, without basic computer literacy skills, this is very daunting for many people. And it is not just seniors who feel like this. Zoe at Computer Coach Australia works with people in the age range from 16 to 97. We are sure you are in that range.

Learn At Your Pace, Place, And Time

Many people think the young ones know exactly how to use computers but, from our experience, they may not have the key foundations. Learning a computer or smartphone is like learning anything else in life, it is sequential. If you miss out on some of the earlier steps the foundation is not there to build on. That is what we need to do to keep up with the constant updating of the cyber world. Whether you like it or not, it’s changing at an alarming rate.

You might be a first-time smartphone user, or upgrading your phone. Group training can often be chaotic, in a noisy environment and often too fast-paced or on a preordained topic. That is not how we need to learn and this can be time-consuming and frustrating. Individual training at your pace, place, and time creates independence and saves you time and money. Because we focus specifically on what you need to learn, we make sure you understand. You also get notes on each session to follow. We encourage you to read and practice your lesson within the next 24 hours to gain competence.

Time Is Money