Fear Of Computers Is Real

As a computer coach for seniors, I have worked with many people who have been struggling and disadvantaged from Logizomechanophobia – fear of computers. They find younger people often go so fast with their instructions. Because of that, they end up feeling stupid and fearful to ask for more help, choosing to put the computer under the bed.

Computer literacy is on par with other forms of literacy and a must in today’s world. We can’t seem to do anything without having to use our machine. There are many things that can seem quite complex but with some training, they can be easily understood. This is one of the reasons I enjoy working as a computer coach for seniors.

Some Of the Most Common Issues And How To Deal With Them

One of the issues many people struggle with is the passwords. They often set up complex passwords and write them down on pieces of paper, and they have no clue as to which is the correct one. When Zoe works with people, she gives them a bright yellow folder to store all their computer information in. You can easily find this bright folder if you misplace it. Zoe writes notes and the date of every session so that they can be easily referred to.

computer and a password on a piece of paper

Forgot Password

How This Helps

Having a special page to write your passwords on and getting them all sorted out can save time. It is important to write dates against all notes so that you can see which is the latest version. Sometimes we have changed the password and know it, but then go to use it and again it doesn’t work. This can be very frustrating and people can, at times, tend to blame themselves and think they are hopeless on the machine. Others want to throw it out the window and others just give up.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

These reactions are very much in line with Yoga Ayurveda which Zoe has an in-depth understanding of. She is able to discern what type of person she is working with and then adjust her teaching style to the personality of the person. I do this and the client doesn’t even know it.

Often people tense up when using the computer and forget to breathe. She will very gently remind the client to relax and take a breath. She sets a timer when working so that after a certain period of time, Zoe says let’s stand up and take a breath. Often we can get so enthralled with what we are doing our posture stays quite rigid, this then brings tension in the body and mind, and the computer can sense that.

What I Am Seeking To Achieve

I enjoy working as a computer coach for seniors. It is soulful work, and they are walking libraries that can be prone to isolation. I am extremely patient and there has never been a student that I have not heard “the penny drop.” It can take some gentle coaxing but with the willingness to learn, anything can be achieved. In a fun and relaxed way, I gently instruct them to become empowered using a computer and reap the benefits of cyberspace. I go into people’s homes. It’s one-on-one and I provide specifically what they need.

It is important to have a clean and accessible space to work from. Things get cluttered very easily. Even the files on the computer, so we need to make the time to declutter what we have so we can find what we want easily. When saving documents it’s a good practice to type a meaningful name and date ensuring that you are aware of where it has been saved to. If you can’t find the document then you can always do a search for the name of it and it should appear. As long as you haven’t deleted the file, it should still be there. Having a back up of your important work is also very important. Ask yourself how long have I been working on this? Is it important for me to have a copy or can I just easily start again.

You Are Never Too Old To Learn!

elder person typing on their laptop

Computer Coach for Seniors

As a computer coach for seniors, I was working with a woman in her ’80s. I tell them my oldest client is 97, which is true, so you’re just a youngin. The lady had several recordings her husband had made on his death bed. She was transcribing the recordings into word but she didn’t have a backup. She had already put a lot of time into it. I instructed her to get a USB device and then showed her how to create folders, date her work and save it. Now she has a copy if anything is to go wrong.

What Is My Background And Why I Started the Computer Coach For Seniors

Mum taught me to use accounting machines in the ’70s before they morphed into computers. My first job was in the bank processing clients cheques on a Burroughs accounting machine. I started teaching computer people to use computers with Canon in 1980, training accountants and small businesses. Afterwards, I worked for TAFE for 18 years, specializing in computer literacy for students with low literacy, small business, government employees, disabilities, long term, indigenous, English second language, homeless and long term unemployed. I also worked in the library troubleshooting and assisting external, internal and staff on any problems they may encounter. I completed a BA in Education/Dip Ed in 1999 specialising in special needs and I enjoy helping people who are disadvantaged.

My Skills…

…are in inspiring, calming and motivating people to learn & get connected using technology. I am the geek who enjoys communicating with computers AND people, and I use Yoga and Ayurveda to bring balance into my life. You can find out more about my Yoga business here www.bondiyogatherapy.com. When the computer gets too much, or your body is suffering from sitting too long in a confined space, come and have some yoga. Helping people is my specialty whether it is right or left brained. Health is wealth, and with only one we cant enjoy the other.

When Did I Start the Business

Zoe from Computer Coach Australia working on a computer with a senior

Computer Coach For Seniors

I started Computer Coach Australia in July 2012 because I want people to feel included and to make a difference in their lives. I was in the bank cue one day and they told an elderly lady to go home and set up her internet banking. This was daunting for her, and now most banks have closed down and the elderly are very disadvantaged. They are fearful of security and making a mistake. They have no way to earn money, and trusting a computer system that scares them is difficult. This is where I come in as a computer coach for seniors.

I really feel for the technology gap that we are experiencing. Initially, I walked the streets and delivered flyers into letterboxes. I s