We are getting enquiries from all over Australia for one-on-one, Computer Training. We are so excited to let you know that our face-to-face, one-to-one, Computer Training is expanding to the Gold Coast. At Computer Coach Australia we work with many NDIS recipients. The reason is because we are the coaches who can really teach you to learn to use your computer or phone. We help you to fill in those learning gaps. It is one thing to show a person how to do something and another thing to actually teach. In the feedback we get from our clients we know that not just anyone can teach. Not everyone is suited to teaching and it requires a special type of person.

Zoe at Computer Coach Australia works with people face-to-face, one-to-one and this is perfect for anyone who has special needs. This type of personalised service is unique today. There are just so many perks to having your own Computer Coach. We come to you in your home, office or arrange to meet at a convenient location. With time we will get to know you and be that person you go back to when you get stuck. How many times do we need help only to find that there is no one at the end of the line or we are moved on to a FAQ section. Then we are expected to plough through pages and pages of notes hoping to find the answer to our question.

Beginners to advanced why we are the best

Often people do not even know how to phrase the question to find the answer. Computer speak is, its own specific language and we do not intuitively know this. This particularly becomes apparent when working with English Second Language clients. At Computer Coach Australia we start where you are at. We patiently work with you to discern any learning gaps. We demonstrate the activity, watch you have a go, write notes and ensure you can follow your notes. Each week there is the option to have practice exercises to really embed the information.

Everyone has their own unique learning style where assessing and teaching becomes a valuable skill. Zoe also coaches people remotely online. At Computer Coach Australia we train on both Windows and Apple operating systems and software. Our training covers the basics of file management to advanced concepts such as creating a website.

You might be in a job and think that your not keeping up to date with the new technology. Likewise you could be the business owner who values your staff and time. We work with all levels of understanding and people. We have the technology skills but it is the people we actually work with. You do not have to suit the technology, we will show you how to get the technology to suit you.

New Gold Coast Computer Training

We are excited to announce that Computer Coach Australia’s services for NDIS & special needs is expanding our Computer Training to the Gold Coast. It is time to mentor a new Computer Coach. Meet Lance! He has written a note to say hi.

NDIS Computer skills Gold Coast

“Hello! My name is Lance. I am a computer enthusiast based on the Gold Coast. My passion is providing an excellent service to my clients. I love building beautiful computers for all to access.

I also enjoy tackling challenges and helping others through theirs. I’ve been involved with computers from a very young age, and try to bring a new easy approach to understanding computer systems.

It’s a great feeling to not only help someone through learning about their own system, but see them understand how it functions and how their system can serve them.

I am patient, personable, friendly and love to laugh with people from all walks of life. I will aim to make every session a safe and supportive environment for you to learn. No question or task too big or too small. I will break things down for you and check your understanding as we go along.   

Working with Computer Coach Australia is an exciting opportunity to share my enthusiasm for computers through teaching people to command their technology to better serve them. It will help me to develop my existing skills through continuous learning. This will allow me to assist others to develop their computer skills in a manner that is concise and easy to digest.

NDIS Learn to use your phone

Computer Coach Specialties

At Combat Computers I also offer a tailored experience for anyone in the market for a computer and we utilise the lowest priced new products in conjunction with refurbished and second hand items to bring the most value per dollar.  I like to add a strong emphasis on aesthetic and functional design, no matter the budget.

We can teach you about:

  • Mac and Windows
  • File management and back ups
  • Website design and operation
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Emailing
  • Troubleshoot and support

We specialise in:

  • Custom watercooling
  • Hackintosh/Custom Macs for audio production and video editing
  • Hardware upgrades for PC and Mac
  • OS upgrades, installation and data cloning
  • Small form factor builds
  • Budget builds through to epic workstations
  • Understanding the market and keeping up with the latest tech news to deliver hardware to meet your specific needs

I’m looking forward to working with you!”

Whether you have special needs, English Second language or a Senior Computer Coach NDIS training is what you need. If your a business person or employee struggle no more. We will focus directly on the task you need to learn and save you time and frustration. Our Trainers at Computer Coach Australia can help you. We work out of Sydney in the Eastern suburbs, inner West and lower North Shore as well as providing Computer Training in the Gold Coast. Give Zoe a call today to discuss your unique needs on 0407 956 071