There is an ever-increasing demand in Australia to learn computer skills one-on-one and there are so many benefits to remote online training. We are thrilled to announce that Computer Coach Australia’s services for NDIS & special needs have had great success working with our students online. This service is invaluable and will ensure that you become a confident computer user who will “learn how to learn”. There are just so many perks to having your own Computer Coach in our digital world. 

Our Computer Coaches are all NDIS trained and they are the best people for anyone to learn to use their technology effectively from beginners to advanced. The training we provide is one-on-one and we start at your level of understanding filling in any learning gaps you may have on the way. This will save you time and frustration trying to work things out! 

Meet Lance Our Multi-Talented Computer Coach

Meet Lance! He is providing one-on-one training and support remotely via video link-up. Lance works both with beginners and people with advanced training needs. He can also teach you how to create a new website, how to use your existing website, rebranding, or change over the platform. He specializes in teaching WordPress and Squarespace usage. 

Lance also has his own business and builds computers so there is nothing he can’t help you with.

If you have ever wondered which is the best WordPress or Square space we tell you here. Everyone with small business needs a website and to know how to use it is imperative. Read more about a WordPress plan here. 

NDIS Computer skills Gold Coast


“No question or task is too big or too small. I’ll break things down for you and check your understanding as we go along.”   



Lance has a solid understanding of software and hardware. He is patient, personable, friendly and he loves a good laugh. We are excited to announce that he has joined our Computer Coach Team in Australia. Lance will aim to make every session empowering and motivating in a safe and supportive environment for you to learn. He enjoys everything technical and has a passion for building computers. You can read the topics we cover here as we use the session questionnaire to create a learning plan to work towards your goals.

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He can help you with any tasks on your computer that need doing. He is a digital native and has loads of experience in Microsoft Office products and website design. There is no tech-related question you can ask Lance that he can’t answer or one that he can’t find an answer for.

Lance not only is providing Computer training online,  he also has a great passion for building computers. As a young entrepreneur, he has his own company Combat X Computers. He created his own website and loves getting technology to work for him.

In his business, Lance provides the following:

  • Custom water cooling
  • Hackintosh/Custom Macs for audio production and video editing
  • Hardware upgrades for PC and Mac
  • OS upgrades, installation and data cloning
  • Small form factor builds
  • Budget builds through to epic workstations
  • Understanding the market and keeping up with the latest tech news to deliver hardware to meet your specific needs

Meet Nalani, Our Newest Expert

Our new team member Nalani is new to Australia but not to computers. Having to develop and learn computer skills as they evolved helped Nalani understand the basic principles. Editing and Computers Usage ware her favorite classes in Junior High. “The possibilities are endless!” 
Nalani worked for an online publication developing an exclusive online agency. There she put her skills to the test working with Google Docs and Square Space. She worked on design and brand development and realized the importance of expertly organizing files – plus so much more!
She grew up with the wave of new technology so she is a natural. But just knowing how to use computers as we all know doesn’t make an effective teacher.
Nalani has a gentle manner with people, coupled with the rare skills of listening deeply. She understands the need to deliver her training methods to suit each and every student she works with. 
Computer Coaching with Nalani
“Each client has their own unique way of learning and preferred pace in developing skills with technology, and this is exactly the challenge I love about teaching.”
Understanding that not everyone had the opportunity to learn computers at a young age, and the ever-evolving presence of computers is central to the benefits of having a computer coach. This is because as we all know technology changes constantly, and there is a lot to keep up with on the path of continuous learning. Nalani will help guide you through one-on-one training sessions at the tempo of your choosing.
Troubleshooting and teaching you the skills you need are Nalani’s priority so you can feel confident to do this on your own. 

Meet Ayla our fabulous Computer Coach

Ayla is one of our hand-picked Computer Coaches. She is intelligent, caring, and creative. Ayla is keen to share her skills to help people learn to use their technology efficiently. She is a patient and talented coach who enjoys working with people. Understanding the importance of computer literacy in today’s world when everything is online is priceless, especially for people who don’t have access to a structured class.
People often get stuck on learning the terminology and this is something that Ayla has spent time studying for her psychology and law degrees. The world of computers also has its own slang used to describe a function and without this basic knowledge, it can seem like an alien language. Also knowing where to look on the screen and developing the confidence to click is something Ayla will help you to develop.


“I will provide you with the skills to confidently approach computers, and will assist you in discovering the ways that the world of computers can enhance your life 🙂 “
As a Bond University graduate, Ayla successfully completed a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Bachelor of Psychological Science. Now she is eager to move out of the world of academia and to start supporting the community.
Ayla has adapted to a variety of systems throughout her studies and has become familiar with computers along the way. She will share with you the shortcuts she has learnt to make using technology fun and get what you want out of it.  
Some of the excellent knowledge of everyday computers you learn with Ayla (plus more) are the following:-
  • Windows and macOS
  • Microsoft suite and Google Docs
  • Outlook and Gmail, as well as Mail on macOS
  • iCloud, DropBox and Google Drive
  • Chrome, Safari, and FireFox
  • Zoom and TeamViewer
  • Squarespace
  • File management
  • Document creation

You can contact Cmputer Coach Australia by calling Zoe on +61 407 956 071

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