There are so many benefits having remote 1 to 1 Computer Training in your office or home. Learning new technologies can be tough, especially when we see people on it all around us. Regardless of your age and status, believe me everyone gets stuck at times, trying to learn new technologies. Many people who did not grow up with Computers in the classroom find that technology is just not intuitive to them. However with professional training you can learn to operate a computer or phone with ease. This is especially true when it comes to seniors or people with disabilities.  Technology is usually one of the biggest roadblocks in learning as it constantly changes, and it requires you to keep up.

We all know the saying, two heads are better than one, well read on!

Computer use among older adults is soaring. In 2015, 58 % of those over 65 were using the Internet, up from just 14 % in 2000, according to the Pew Research Centre (2015). However, even those seniors who are using computers say they face hurdles gaining access to technology and want help (Pew Research Centre, 2014).

How Computer Coach Australia helps you

This is where the benefits of remote Computer Training 1 to 1 can provide on the spot troubleshooting and training. We are the first to offer qualified and highly experienced teachers who are experts at troubleshooting. We all know the saying, two heads are better than one! Every person needs a Computer Coach that you can call on when you hit that wall of confusion. We are there to understand your problem and will show you how to fix it. 

Remote one to one Computer Training is best

The group and online learning techniques aren’t working anymore, especially when it comes to people with special needs (and who doesn’t have unique needs – even if it is being time poor? You don’t need a class that you attend a few times a month, you need someone who is always there to help you with the issue at hand. That way, you can avoid falling into the same black hole of no return computer problems. Instead, learn to access Computer Coach Australia’s remote training access and receive one-on-one remote troubleshooting and computer training, specifically based on what you need to get out of the too-familiar black hole, our training delivers results!

Your Improvement on Your Time

We’ll sit with you at your computer and work together on whatever hurdle you are facing. If you’re having problems with software or just trying to send an attachment, we are there to help. Sometimes people have been at it for so long they can’t clearly anymore and this state can get us into worse trouble clicking on the wrong thing. Other times we have done the task and simply can’t remember how we did it and time is looming – we need to send this off but we keep going round in circles. We may get so frustrated trying to work out how to do what looks to others the simplest of tasks, we are at work in a new job and don’t feel comfortable to ask anyone for help.

The sad thing is that these kinds of experiences don’t increase our confidence and only leaving us feeling insecure. Remote computer training with our expert teachers is a perfect fit for everyone. Our services benefits business owners, employees, seniors, NDIS clients and those with special needs. Perhaps you’re starting a new project and have no idea how to get started or how to manage all the files and documents.

seniors learning how to use a computer remotely

Over 40% of Australians aren’t confident learning new technologies. Can you imagine what a disadvantage this is? Everything is online from transport to banking with information available for everyone. Our new remote training service aims to level the playing field for everyone to have a better life.

Break out of isolation and gain access to required, everyday services. With our expert 1:1 training, we start from your level and help you build a solid foundation for future improvement.

Why Remote Computer Training Works

With remote computer training, you can get immediate help to resolve what you’re struggling with. You will be working on your computer in your home or office at a time that is convenient for you. You will be working with an experienced teacher who will understand what your problem is and demonstrate how to move forward. The coach will explain your problem and you’ll get a solid foundation to build new skills on. You will have the opportunity to repeat what you’ve learned to ensure you really understand why you got stuck.

Remote learning has many benefits as it allows you to engage with the material directly. Learning through materials you can interact with and multimedia files lets you learn faster while retaining more knowledge. Group classes or courses are problematic if you are falling behind or if you are learning faster than others. When you have individual attention, the course can go as fast or as slow as is necessary for you. There is also less time investment and more flexibility with learning hours. The most important aspect, however, is immediate feedback. Our teachers can point out the problems as soon as they come up, so you don’t end up with gaps in your knowledge that can come back to frustrate you later down the line.

We are here to help

As trained teachers, Apple consultants and Microsoft experts we know what you need to learn. We also will help you write up instructional notes. Notes are particularly useful for tasks that you don’t get to do over and over. Repetition is the best way to learn, even when it comes to one-off tasks. This way you’ll know how to do them again instead of wondering “how did I do that”. You’ll be working with trained teachers who will be able to discern what went wrong and how to help you. You will be working with people who are easy to understand and follow as they can break down the learning tasks into small steps to ensure you really get a handle on what it is you are trying to do.

Seniors and NDIS trainers offering remote computer training

Remote training saves you time and headaches when you’re trying to help someone who just doesn’t get it. This is where our trained teachers at Computer Coach Australia can really help. Teaching seniors anything about technology can be a daunting task due to many reasons.

Our remote computer training for seniors covers most of Australia. Finally, you can put all those crowded classes behind you and learn on your own time. We are just a phone call away and can offer you individual attention whenever you require it. Our teachers are trained troubleshooters and start from the grounds up to offer everyone help whenever they’re stuck.

What We Offer

Many older people have learning blocks for new technologies without any desire to learn. They don’t want to burden you or travel long distances for group classes where they will be left behind.

Modern technology can be very difficult to pick up at an older age. New devices already assume that you have a certain level of knowledge and they don’t make the experience easy. This is where our team of experts at Computer Coach Australia comes in.

We will troubleshoot your problems, explain where and why you’re stuck. Let us help you instead of wasting countless hours solving one problem only to discover a new one. If you want to experience the benefits of  remote 1 to 1 Computer Training no matter where you are in the world get in touch. We know learning new things can be tough and two heads are better than one.

Send us an email at or give us a call on 0407 956 071 and test the service yourself!