There are so many Apps available for free that make our lives easier, but what do you do when something goes wrong? No-one to speak to, nowhere to go. Perhaps you liked the free version of the app and decided to upgrade to the premium version. Let me tell you what had happened to me, even with all my technological experience and time in the industry. I want to warn you all beforehand, app buyers beware. Always question just how trustworthy and reliable apps that you are using are. They also can sell and give away your important data.

App Disaster Experience

Any app may sound good on paper. You might even try out the free version and decide it has all you want and works perfectly well. This app sounds good but there are a few key points missing.

  •  Highly customisable and practical.
  •  Visual indicator of monthly budget vs expenses.
  •  Overview of Today’s spending vs daily spending average.
  •  Expense Summary of total, average expense per day and top expense of the month
  •  Repeat Expenses – allow recurring expenses such as monthly rent, mortgage, utility bills, etc.
  •  Customise Detail / Simple monthly Budgets.
  •  Store digital photo receipts.
  •  Instantly generate graphical reports.
  •  Dynamic reports view: Specify reports by criteria such as report by payment, by vendors, etc.
  •  Supports VAT/GST.
  •  Customise icons for categories and subcategories.
  •  Customise Expense Type, Payment and Vendor.
  •  Full Text Search: Powerful search to easily locate expense records.
  •  CSV and HTML data export via Email or Wi-Fi.
  •  Records export with photo receipt attachment for quick expense approval/reimbursement.
  •  Complete world currency list with build-in currency conversion utility.
  •  Available in 12 Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), French, Italian, Russian, Korean, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, more will be added.
  •  Simple mileage / kilometre tracking with customisable reimbursement rate.
  •  Password Protection – Protect your personal financial data and the ability to recover password if forgotten.ddPress

Sounds good but can you guess what is missing?

How I Lost out Using an App

I started to use an app and thought it was great. I told my friends about it and used it for 3 years. The app recorded all my expenses and income. It would provide me with great reports that I could use directly for my taxes and it became a habit. As soon money came in or out, straight away I would log it into the app.

App buyers beware!

not all is as it seems

There was a glitch a few years ago – we call that a bug. It was when the app was updated, just before they sold the app to a bigger company. The dates on the data had got mixed up. At the time I was able to get it sorted fairly quickly and the support was there for me. I would later come to realise just how critical customer support was. After the excellent service, I decided to purchase the premium version and all was going well.

Importance of Tech Support

The app was working well and I became more accustomed to using it. The reports helped me with my businesses and I decided to purchase the backup version in case anything went wrong. This was another $29 a year. It seemed like a good idea, if anything went wrong, I always had backup – right? Well, things didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.

iXpense it Scam. Take notice app buyers on what you agree to.

About 3 weeks ago on January the 2nd, I noticed the data had gone missing from the app. The data loss coincided with the renewal purchase of the backup. There was the support button within the app but it turned out to be useless. There was no response from support.

So I did more research to find out who actually owns the app. The app is owned by a company who owns several apps. They are based in New York. There is a tab on their website to send a support email. There is no phone number to speak to a person. I sent an email to explain the situation. I had the premium and back up for safety. All I wanted was to retrieve my data from the backup.

Always Check out Your Support Options

Being tech-savvy, I was able to send the screenshots and information to help the support understand the issue. Firstly I received a response from “Dave.” He copied and pasted the standard response, and I am not sure he had even read what had transpired. I tried the tips and tricks to get my data back. But still, there was no data coming onto the app. Then I received an email from “Michelle” asking me if I had followed the instructions sent to me. I resent the screenshots. A third person got back to me asking for the user name and password of the account. They offered to retrieve the data from the server.

App buyers beware, poor customer support is rampant.

It is now over 4 weeks and it seems my data is unretrievable. The emails were a waste of time, obviously hoping I would give up going around in circles. They did offer to call me, after I let them know I was dissatisfied and would call them out on social media. But they didn’t call. Each week I would get an email that led nowhere. I urge all app buyers to beware and read the user reviews before purchasing anything. Don’t let companies with poor track records entice you with sales and possibilities. Also remember to leave reviews for others too!

Reviews Give Power to Consumers

Looking at the reviews on the product, I noticed that several people had the same sentiments about the lack of support. Who do you go to when you have a problem? It’s out of our hands when an app gets sold off. Its not what we sign up for in the terms and conditions. But as most terms and conditions state we agree and they have the option to change their side without even notifying the client.

There are so many people being taken advantage of who use the internet. Even if you do pay a premium plus an extra fee for backup, there is still no guarantee that you’ll get help. There is no recourse to be taken. Taking the money out of the account each year happens right on cue. In fact, Apple is in charge of deducting money and now I will have to spend more time to cancel and hopefully secure a refund.

Most times we can’t move forward unless we agree to the terms and conditions. Firstly they are usually pages and pages long. They are legal agreements and are not written for the average person. Their main purpose is to overwhelm with information and to confuse you into accepting. We are not trained lawyers to understand what we are signing. But without agreeing to the terms and conditions there is no movement. Beware app buyers of all the fine print that follows those terms of the agreement.

Computer Coach Australia Can Help You

So what do we do? We can all get taken advantage of from time to time. Knowing your way around technology doesn’t guarantee safety, but it definitely improves your chances. Don’t trust that the app or technology will work indefinitely. There will always be updates, takeovers, and frustrations. Information is stored in a cloud and there is no way for you to access it without their permission. Don’t rely on cloud-stored data any more than you need it. It is a slow and costly process, especially in Sydney. Examples of these practices can be found everywhere, through poor customer support to malware that invades your devices and privacy.

At Computer coach Australia we are there for you. We are here to support you. With our services, you’ll receive direct attention, instead of getting automated meaningless emails. We meet you in person and we learn about your system and preferred learning style. Sharing our years of experience with you is our main goal. Whatever you need to learn, we are there for you.

If you have any similar experiences, drop me a note below and lets tell the world. The power has to be in the consumer. And we can vote with our feet. It is wrong to have money taken and not given the service that was promised.